At Arcadia, each day will end with a sport and games afternoon session. This will be a double session whereby students will have an extended time to focus on sport and improving their performance from a technical and tactical aspect. This could stretch from intensive swim-squad sessions to performance analysis sessions in netball using the latest in technology and software to help with this.

Arcadia School will be competing in both the DASSA and DAPSA leagues across the year in-line with their calendar of scheduled events. Our focus sports of Football, Netball, Swimming, Athletics, Rugby and Basketball will have teams across multiple age groups and will have streamed sessions in games afternoons that show a clear pathway into squad teams. Outside of our focus sports, we aim to encourage our students to join in across a wider variety of team and individual sports and will try to cater for this as much as we can as a department. The house system in place encourages healthy competition across multiple platforms, swimming galas, intra-house tournaments and culminates in a festival on our annual sports days. These are great ways for our students to develop resilience, work on collaboration and communication amongst their peers.